Disclaimer: All the translations posted on this site are FREE.

This will be just like how ‘patrons’ on Patreon subscribe and get to read extra chapters, but directly on this site.

You can still read the novels for free without having to pay, but according to the schedule designed for the chapters to appear on NovelUpdates. So it is entirely your choice when you want to read them.

Things you need to know before you subscribe or T&Cs:

  1. Depending on the tier you choose, you will have access to that many number of chapters. Eg. you bought a tier that gives 2 chapters, at any time during the subscription period, you will have access to 2 more chapters compared to non-subscribers, aka reading 2 chapters ahead. You can play around this to make the most of it~
  2. You will be able to read a new weekly advanced chapter on the same day as new public chapter, you can access it from the novel’s ToC page.
  3. Most novels will have 6 tiers ranging from 1 to 6 chapters, 5$ to 10$ respectively, exceptions for shorter novels.
  4. You can buy subscriptions for multiple novels at once, but are advised to buy only one tier for a novel at a time, unless you want to read the same content twice in the same post. Cancel the previous one before buying a new subscription.
  5. You can terminate your subscriptions before the renewal date, but there will be no refunds, as you will have already read the posts.
  6. You will be charged as soon as you subscribe.
  7. There will be a single reminder in the last chapter of the novel for terminating the subscription once you finish reading.
  8. Reaching the end of every novel, there might be a chance to get the last 15 chapters (which might include extras, if a novel has more than 15 extras, those 15 in the bundles will be the last 15 extras) at once in a bundle. You will find them on the chapter before them. In that case, you can cancel the sub and get the 15 chapters at once. This is good for novels with small number of extras so you can read the climax at once.
  9. This is a temporary model. While the subscription tiers and pricing will remain the same once they are started for that particular novel, the process of providing the content might change until both me and the subscribers are comfortably able to access everything. Subscribers will be notified of the same.

If you can’t access any of the content despite having the relevant tiers, you can reach me through any of these methods.

Novel Subscriptions:

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