Talk About Love Without Saying Anything


Mono Iwazu To Mo Ai Kataru

Author: きよ (Kiyo)

Status: Completed (56 chapters + 1 extra)

Raws: Syosetu

NovelUpdates: NU Link

Language: Japanese

Tags: Transmigration, BL, Beastmen, Bestiality(?), Fantasy, Magic, NSFW, TLWS

Author Tags: BL, Descriptions of Cruelty, Transmigration, Taciturn Quiet Beautiful Uke, Lion Beast-man Seme, Hating to Doting, Substitution

Novel art made on-the-go by me, will be updated when once released.

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I had a strange dream.
A dream where someone with the same face as me said, “I don’t want to be the wife of a beast even if I die. So exchange your life with me.”
After that, I woke up in a room belonging to a large mansion that I had never seen before.
For some reason, there are many animals walking around everywhere.
Tigers, rabbits, dogs, raccoons, animals with names I don’t understand.
I don’t understand their language either.
And the lion, who seems to be the owner of the mansion, is somewhat intimidating.

This is a beautiful story of a young man who after living a gloomy and lonely life due to his quiet personality, begins to live a warm and fluffy life in a whole new world.

Warnings: sexual harassment and attempted r*pe (both not by ML), 18+ content with bestiality(?) in the later part of the novel, non-con (also not by ML) but it’s hard to explain how. There will be tw at the start of the chapters wherever needed, I can’t ask you to skip cause there’s also plot happening, but will try to summarize at the end if you feel really uncomfortable.


(Titles added by me, not very accurate)

Chapter 1 A Strange Dream


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