Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 5

Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 5

Chapter Five:
Wu wu wu so scary! (5)

  In the pitch-black room, not a single sound could be heard.

  Chen Caixing couldn’t help slowing down his breath. Even a minute sound was magnified in his ears, not to mention the movement outside the door was not too small. As his eyes adapted to the dark surroundings, Chen Caixing looked at the door.

  The thin and narrow door always gave the illusion of being non-existent.

  ‘Dong’, ‘Dong’, ‘Dong’.

  The sound became more and more clear. Chen Caixing’s heartbeat accelerated because of the thing coming over, getting closer and closer…..



  Chen Caixing swore in his heart, his heartbeats stopped for an instant, he held his breath because, the thing outside stopped at their door.

  It was quiet.

  But Chen Caixing knew that something was still out there, standing at the door of their room. Obviously separated by a door, but there’s an illusion that the thing outside could pass through and precisely lock its stare on him.

  The subtle sound of ‘Ka Ka’ sounded, then became louder and louder. Something broke free, the joint was set a little in position, the sound of ‘Pa’ seemed to pull the head back to its original position——

  The image formed by Chen Caixing’s rabbit hole of a brain was too detailed. He hugged Yuan Jiuwan in his arms.

  ‘Thump Thump’——

  The thin door was knocked.

  ”Do you want to make a wax figure?”

  There was a stiff male voice outside, the sound was rigid and mechanical as if not used for a long time. It penetrated through the door panel, reaching the ears of the people in the room, having a strange hint of faint cold ice.

  Unexpectedly, it spoke.

  According to Wang Xiaoxiao’s description, yesterday after midnight, there was only the thud, like the sound of a wooden barrel bumping on the floor. Today, the thing came out. Chen Caixing thought of the two dead bodies in the bathroom. Could it be that after killing someone, the sealed off thing can enhance its ability and come out?

  Mr. House always warned them not to go out after midnight, was it because of this?

  Chen Caixing assembled all the clues in no time, but at this moment it was utterly useless. The thing outside the door did not leave, it knocked on the door again quite stubbornly. The sound was a bit louder this time.

  ”Do you want to make a wax figure?”

  I’ll make your head! Chen Caixing swore in his heart, but thought it wasn’t a bad idea to make a wax figure.. Suddenly he realized that the voice outside the door had the ability to confuse the mind. He covered his head with the quilt, not forgetting to cover the ears of Yuan Jiuwan who was in his arms.

  The thing outside refused to leave and continued to ask.

  Chen Caixing’s hands and feet were cold, he didn’t know if he could resist the confusion.

  Yuan Jiuwan in his arms had a small body. His head rested against Chen Caixing’s chest. By simply lifting his head, he could see Chen Caixing’s pale complexion and his ears could feel Chen Caixing’s cold fingertips.

  “Do you want——”

  Yuan Jiuwan frowned, his eyes cold, faintly glowing a dark red, he glared at the door.

  The words from the outside came to an end abruptly. After a long pause, there was another sound, but this time, it was the sound of dragging something, presumably the thing leaving.

  ”Gege, it left.” Yuan Jiuwan whispered against Chen Caixing’s chin.

  The child’s voice was very soft because the sound was lowered, his breath tickled Chen Caixing’s chin. Only then did he recover from the fear that was short yet felt endless. He had really believed that he was going to die just now..

  ”Yes, it’s fine now……”

  Chen Caixing’s mind was momentarily blank, it took him a while to find his reason. It was obvious that the ability of the ghost outside had increased and so had the time flow rate. If there was another death tonight, the ability of the ghost would once again increase greatly. It would definitely be more dangerous tomorrow night. Furthermore, there was also that walnut tree in the backyard……

  House would provide flesh and blood to the walnut tree, apparently nourishing it, but warned them to guard against what came out after midnight.

  This meant there were at least two ghosts in this game.

  Chen Caixing would never believe that a ghost buried under the walnut tree who loved flesh and blood, was a decent ghost.

  His thoughts were in a mess. He thought he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, but in the end, he was so sleepy that he couldn’t even open his eyes. His nose was filled with the sweet little scent that belonged to his xiaodi, while the child’s body was warm and cozy in his arms, dispelling all the previous coldness.

  However, there was someone who didn’t have Chen Caixing’s ‘good luck’.

  The ghost dragged the barrel and stopped in front of a door.

  Repeated the same words as before.

  In the middle of the night, Chen Caixing woke up feeling cold and with his arms empty. He reacted in an instant, looking towards the inside of the bed, but there was no Yuan Jiuwan beside him. He sobered up instantly, sitting up to see a very small shadow near the door.

  “Xiao Jiu?”

  Yuan Jiuwan quickly threw away the wax skin in his hand inside the flower vase. He turned his body and as if he had done something wrong, he looked embarrassed, softly said: “Gege, I want to pee.”

  ”You scared me to death.”

  Chen Caixing felt relieved but did not dare to touch the lamp, afraid that the light would attract the thing outside. He vaguely saw his xiaodi holding a flower vase in his arms. Thinking that the child was embarrassed getting caught when he wanted to pee inside a vase, Chen Caixing couldn’t help but laugh and whispered: “Pee and then hurry up to sleep.”

  Yuan Jiuwan stood still in place.

  ”Hmmm, don’t look at me.” This child also knew to feel shame.

  Chen Caixing really turned around and failed to see Yuan Jiuwan’s face, who was pretending to be cute, turning stiff. After a few seconds, Chen Caixing still did not hear the sound of water and simply asked: “What’s wrong?”

  ”It won’t come out, gege.”

  Xiaodi‘s voice was soft and pitiful, would it be that he was so afraid even the pee was scared back?

  ”Then come to bed first and wait until you want to pee again. The outside is too cold.” Chen Caixing opened the quilt and let the child come in.

  Yuan Jiuwan placed the vase on the lower cabinet and obediently got into the bed.

  Surrounded by the cold air, Chen Caixing shivered. He tucked the quilt properly and felt sleepy again: “Let’s sleep.”

  Yuan Jiuwan closed his eyes, thinking about the wax skin that had fallen off the first night and hidden under the bed, and was now put inside the vase. Tomorrow, he must throw it away before his gege wakes up, anyways he said that he would pee again later….

  Early morning.

  Chen Caixing woke up to find his xiaodi missing. Thinking of last night’s affairs, he glanced at the lower cabinet near the door——sure enough, the vase was gone. The kid sure was embarrassed and went out to throw the ‘thing’ away.

  He put on his coat and turned to go out, just to run into the child who returned with the vase.

  ”Gege..” Yuan Jiuwan looked ashamed, he hid the vase behind his back.

  Chen Caixing stared at the vase that seemed to have been washed, he gave a meaningful smile, patted his xiaodi‘s head: “Put it back——”

  Before he could finish speaking, a scream rang from the outside.

  Chen Caixing put away his smile and took the lead in heading out quickly.

  The sound came from the first floor.

  The one to shout was the woman who accompanied the violent man before. Chen Caixing hadn’t talked to her before and didn’t know her name. There were also others who were attracted by her screams gathered in the living room. But the living room was clean. There was no blood on the floor or any dead body lying around like everyone had imagined.

  Monkey scolded: “What’re you going crazy about so early in the morning?!”

  The woman just stood there, pointing at a corner, trembling and unable to say anything. Chen Caixing followed the direction pointed by her, and felt his heart turn cold.

  The others turned and saw it too.

  The entire living room was suddenly silent. No one spoke for a long time.

  ”I-is that Zhao.. Zhao ge?” Monkey asked in an incredulous voice.

  In the remote corner of the living room, there stood three more wax figures. A pair of male and female wax figures with mutilated bloody faces stood, dressed the same as the newcomer couple who had died in the bathroom yesterday. There was another decent male wax figure with a broad smile, radiating happiness.

  It was Jin ge‘s roommate, the veteran, Zhao ge.

  Everyone could recognize them.

  When a newcomer died, the veterans were pretty much indifferent. After all, the newcomers were inexperienced and without any props, so it was quite normal for them to die.

  They were gold hunters, specializing in farming gold coins through mid and low level games. The more newcomers in the game, the less difficult it would be as per previous experiences, and the probability of low level games was the highest.

  The selection for low and mid level games was random.

  This was definitely not an advanced difficulty mode, but now Zhao ge was actually dead. Others were unaware, but these three veterans knew it well. Among the four, Monkey had just started the advanced mode, while Jin, Wang and Zhao had completed two advanced games. Their highest evaluation was Grade B.

  Each of them also held props in their hands.

  It would never be the veterans who died, this was the confidence these four had. But today it was broken.

  ”How could it be that Zhao ge died——” Monkey shuddered and dared not say any more. Even someone like Zhao ge could die, then what about him?

  ”Jin Hai, tell us quickly, what exactly happened last night? You and lao Zhao were in the same room, then why did he die?” The one surnamed Wang pressured Jin Hai with a cold voice.

  Jin Hai’s complexion turned ashen, showing fear for the first time since entering the game.

  He didn’t know what happened last night or what made Zhao ge go out.

  Only now did Chen Caixing know Jin ge‘s full name, but he had no time to care about it. There was a dispute starting in the living room, he immediately turned around and went upstairs, followed closely by Yuan Jiuwan.

  ”Xiao Jiu, don’t go upstairs, just stand here.” Chen Caixing ran to the second floor and then looked at the direction of the third floor.

  The first time, when the newcomer couple died, the bodies were left for a long time and were finally turned into wax figures today. But Zhao ge died after midnight and the body was already turned into a wax figure this morning.

  The ability of the ghost had been enhanced.

  Without looking for clues, Chen Caixing didn’t know what was waiting for them next.

  ”Gege, I will be good, I want to go with you.” Yuan Jiuwan’s eyes widened, he held Chen Caixing’s hand and refused to let go. “I’m scared, gege.”

  If they delayed any further, there was no saying when Mr. House would appear.

  Chen Caixing clenched his teeth and said, “Then let’s go together.”

  This b*stard game! Didn’t even let go of elementary school kids! He could protect the xiaodi for a game, but what about next? He couldn’t stay with the child forever.

  The staircase was made of wood, each step made it creak, showing its old age.

  Unlike the second floor which had rows of guest rooms, there were only three doors on the third floor and half a small balcony. The direction of the balcony faced the walnut tree in the backyard. There was a white round table, surrounded by chairs. The round table had a thin flower vase with flowers in it. The flowers were fresh and beautiful, glistening with moisture.

  It could be seen at a glance, someone changes them regularly. This ‘someone’ was naturally Mr. House.

  Chen Caixing didn’t dare to go over as time was urgent, he started with a nearby door.

  Fortunately, the door was unlocked.

  The room was very large, arranged in an American style, with floral wallpapers, tall canopy bed, cabinet dresser, etc. It turned out to be the master bedroom.

  ”Xiao Jiu, you search the dressing table.” Chen Caixing went straight to the tall chest of drawers.

  The drawers only had socks, underwear and other miscellaneous things, completely lacking any suspicious clues. The only information that was confirmed was that the house indeed had a mistress, but where was she now? He glanced around, saw his xiaodi carefully searching through the dressing table, relieved, he turned towards the wardrobe.

  The four-door wardrobe had some skirts and dresses hung inside, along with men’s clothes.

  Having a vintage feel. (Read this only on

  Chen Caixing hurriedly rummaged through, when he reached for the pocket of a woman’s skirt, he sensed something and pulled it out.

  It was a yellowed folded paper.

  It seemed to be a written letter, he hadn’t opened it yet, suddenly there was a loud voice talking downstairs.

  ”…Mr. House, there’s something I need to ask you about, our car parts…”

  It was Wang Xiaoxiao’s voice.

  Chen Caixing quickly put the paper in his coat pocket, he dared not stay any longer, Mr. House had arrived.

  ”Xiao Jiu, let’s go quickly!” Chen Caixing took Yuan Jiuwan’s hand and quickly withdrew downstairs.

  They just got off the third floor and reached the second floor, in time to face the figure of Mr. House, along with Wang Xiaoxiao following behind with a cold sweat. Her anxious expression was slightly relieved on seeing them

  But they couldn’t relax yet.

  Mr. House examined Chen Caixing with his turbid, cold gloomy eyes. Being looked like this made one’s body turn stiff. Chen Caixing could perceive that the person opposite must be aware that he had just been upstairs. He smiled, looking calm and collected and asked: “Mr. House, is there something wrong?”

  The other party did not speak, just stared at Chen Caixing rigidly, like a viper.

  Chen Caixing’s heart beat rapidly, thud thud thud, but he stared back maintaining a calm face.

  After a long time.

  Mr. House coldly said: “It’s lunch time, you can go eat.”

  ”Thank you, I was just starting to get hungry. Good afternoon, Mr. House.” Chen Caixing smiled. Taking Yuan Jiuwan’s hand, he calmly passed by Mr. House and went to the first floor.


  Chen Caixing heard his own slow exhale.

  Wu wu wu, it’s really too scary!

The author has something to say:
I’m too scared to write at night _(:з」∠)_
I need to smooch you guys to get some yang qi!

Translator’s Notes:

So, I was planning this thing for the site, but I realized that I don’t have as much freedom for customization as I was expecting. So I researched a lot this week and plan to move my site to which I should’ve done in the first place. Unfortunately, the site domain (aka “”) isn’t 60 days old yet, that’s why I will have to wait at least another month before transferring the whole site or the links will be messed up. So this week was kinda wasted (but I still passed some of my course exams so woohooo~) After moving, I’ll give the site a more free and better look, along with some good things~ Till then I’ll stock up for this novel’s chapters and also that JP novel I once mentioned. (whispers I’m already done with the first chapter)

Thanks Mo for the two coffees~ I really appreciate it~ 🤗

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    If we are talking about the ones seen in novels, as far as I have seen, constitution plays a big part which depends on when someone is born.

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