Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 4

Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 4

Chapter Four:
Fortunately, he had a Xiaodi in his arms (4)

  The lunch was very rich. Even the few newcomers who witnessed the death of the violent man, sat at the dining table one by one. Smelling the tempting aroma along with the rumbling stomach full of hunger, ignited their appetite.

  There’s no way, who let the breakfast be so unpalatable.

  Zhao Ru whispered while eating risotto: “Xiaoxiao, I really didn’t push him, will he turn into a ghost and retaliate against me?”

  ”Don’t think about it, let’s eat.” Wang Xiaoxiao wasn’t in the mood to talk, but looked at the veteran Zhao sitting opposite her. When they were looking for clues, this surnamed Zhao was also in the vicinity. Zhao Ru was unsteady and had just raised her hand to support herself, and the violent man ended up breaking the wax figure.

  The veterans said they’d take the newcomers under their wings, but the team hadn’t even introduced each other this morning. No one would be curious about the name of a stranger who was about to die.

  These four were trying to use them to test the way.

  The veterans’ words were pleasant to hear, killing your companion is prohibited inside the game, and the person who violated the rule would be fined by having their props confiscated, but it didn’t matter if they indirectly induced the ghost in killing.

  Wang Xiaoxiao’s heart sank to the bottom, she didn’t care about the nonstop crying Zhao Ru, instead glanced diagonally opposite discreetly.

  Chen Caixing ate with Yuan Jiuwan sitting in the corner of the table. He had been hungry since morning and now had quite an appetite. While drinking his soup, he sensed a gaze on him. He raised his head, looking around, but the table was quiet, everyone was bowing their head to eat something.

  But he knew who had been watching him just now, but didn’t speak and continued eating.

  ’Ka, Ka, Ka’ The sound of stiff, heavy footsteps came from the stairs.

  ”W-who is still upstairs?” Zhao Ru could barely hold her spoon due to trembling.

  All the nine people were currently in the dining room, and there were only the dead bodies on the second floor. So whose footsteps were those?

  The veterans’ expression became grave and alert. Chen Caixing put down his fork and knife, and saw the NPC Mr. House who was supposed to be in the backyard, walking down the stairs. Someone on the dining table let out a relieved sigh, but Chen Caixing noticed Mr. House’s face was very gloomy, watching them with a gaze filled with murderous intent. 

  Obviously, he had just called them ‘children’ so happily just a few moments ago.

  Sure enough, a man’s mouth——

  ”You left your room after midnight? Damn it! Didn’t I tell you not to go out?” Mr. House’s stiff face was agitated. His face twitched, as he stared at them bitterly.

  It could be seen that he was truly angry.

  But Chen Caixing always felt that under the anger and resentment, Mr. House seemed to be afraid. What was he afraid of?

  Was it the ‘dong dong’ sound after midnight that Zhao Ru mentioned?

  The spirit for lunch disappeared completely, everyone finished their food in a hurry, and found that Mr. House was still in the room, doing nothing, just staring at them like a demon.

  Jin ge originally wanted to send the newcomers to the third floor, but now had to cancel, temporarily changing plans.

  ”Xiao Jiu, follow me closely.” Chen Caixing stretched out his hand. Yuan Jiuwan’s almond eyes were round, just like a cat, extremely cute. He reached out with his little hand and held Chen Caixing’s hand.

  Since midnight, three people had died until now. Chen Caixing was afraid the group of veterans would turn crazy and grab the child.

  After all, this elementary school child was simple and lovely.

  ”Stay away from those four people.”

  ”I know gege, I will only listen to you.” Yuan Jiuwan adorably stuck to Chen Caixing’s arm and promised.

  Everyone started looking for clues. The first floor was filled with wax figures, having learned their lessons, everyone was very careful.

  The sofa in the living room had woven woolen covers, but after a long time, the color had faded, now they were dirty and old. There were flower vases on the coffee table along with some decorations arranged nearby. From the layout point of view, this was once a house filled with warmth.

  There should also be a mistress.

  When Chen Caixing went to the kitchen, he was certain that there used to be a mistress. The floral apron, the pink pot and other minor details could prove this point.


  A clock hung high on the wall next to the door, but its glass was broken and the hands were stuck at 21:37.

  9:37 in the night.

  Chen Caixing kept the time in mind. When he went out, only then did he find the NPC standing in the kitchen doorway, staring at him with a gloomy gaze.

  ”Is there something?”

  Mr. House looked at him with those slightly turbid eyes for a long time. Chen Caixing spoke first: “If there’s nothing to talk, please let us pass, you’re blocking the way, thank you.”

  After a second, Mr. House stiffly stepped aside.

  Chen Caixing took his xiaodi to the second floor.

  ”Gege, just now you were so great!”

  Yuan Jiuwan one-by-one stepped on the staircase, looking at him with an admiring gaze full of worship: “Gege, aren’t you scared?”

  ”Just when we were having lunch, he really wanted to kill us, but he didn’t, which should be due to a death condition. Asking him politely to let us pass will certainly not be a death condition.” Chen Caixing was also trying to probe just now. House is the only NPC currently present, he definitely won’t be just for the sake of acting out some lines.

  From the joy of the violent man’s dead body to the anger and fear after discovering the bodies on the second floor, this NPC had emotions, just couldn’t determine if there was rational thinking?

  ”Gege is so powerful, gege is the best!”

  To have such a soft adorable elementary school xiaodi who doubled as a mobile rainbow fart machine, Chen Caixing’s old face flushed red.

  ”It’s okay.”

  The two dead bodies in the bathroom were gone, leaving only some barely wiped out blood stains. The bathroom was located at the end of the hallway. Chen Caixing walked in, opening a closed window, he could see the tree in the backyard.

  Along with the previous one, there was another corpse on the tree.

  Chen Caixing looked over carefully, only to see it was the violent man.

  Not sure if it was an illusion, the branch holding the violent man’s head slightly swayed, and the head of the violent man was facing in this direction, while the man’s lifeless, resentful eyes were fixed on him.

  Chen Caixing was taken aback.

  Originally wanting to swear, when he faced Yuan Jiuwan’s worshiping eyes filled with childish admiration, he could only pretend that everything was light and breezy and he wasn’t afraid at all! He expressionlessly closed the window.

  ”Where did the two bodies go…” Chen Caixing fell into contemplation. 

  There was nothing special inside the few rooms on the second floor. Chen Caixing stood at the head of the stairs and looked towards the third floor. It was too dark to see anything. When thinking of the unpredictable Mr. House who had a knack for appearing out of nowhere, Chen Caixing didn’t plan to go up.

  There were too few clues.

  The sky here was overcast and covered with a thick fog. There was barely any sunlight and no way to judge the time. Chen Caixing felt that the time here flowed faster compared to the real world. After having breakfast in the morning, they only went to the backyard and it was already lunch time when they returned.

  Sure enough, it didn’t take long to go downstairs, the dining room let out a savory smell.

  It was dinner time.

  ”Time is flying by so fast, it’s already evening before we noticed.” The newcomer woman optimistically talked in the dining room: “Monkey ge, the time is passing so quickly, won’t the seven days also pass just as quick? When that happens, we can go home.”

  The veteran Wang put the bowl on the table heavily.

  The woman was startled, not knowing where she was wrong.

  Chen Caixing knew however. The rapid passage of time wasn’t a good thing for them. The veterans should have concealed the few things they haven’t said, like if the time period came to an end and they haven’t “cleared” the wax museum, what would happen.


  There was a cold laughter from Mr. House, as if knowing what they would have said.

  The consequences——

  Fear is absolutely terrible.

  The dinner wasn’t rich but the taste wasn’t bad either. Chen Caixing noticed that the veterans weren’t as calm as they were in the morning, especially Monkey whose face showed his uneasiness as he ate quickly. The woman who had just spoken was even more at a loss. She didn’t know what was happening but was infected by the atmosphere. Taking a few bites, she whispered: “Monkey ge, can you stay with me tonight?”

  ”You sleep by yourself.” Monkey had given up all pretenses of being a good veteran that he had when he first came.

  The violent man was dead, she would be alone tonight. The woman looked dismally at the other three veterans seated, but no one paid attention to her. Then she looked at Chen Caixing.

  The obediently eating Yuan Jiuwan noticed and glared at the woman. Turning his head, he pitifully said: “Gege, I’m done eating, can we go back to the room?”

  ”Wait, no need to hurry.” Chen Caixing’s attention was focused on the living room. Turning his back on them, he was facing Mr. House, thinking about the broken clock in the kitchen which would stop at a certain time, the speculation in his heart was about to be confirmed. That’s why he didn’t notice Yuan Jiuwan’s act of glaring at the woman.

  The veterans finished eating and went upstairs. Before leaving, Jin looked at Chen Caixing who was still sitting in the dining room, as if cursing him not to live past tomorrow.

  ”Xiaoxiao, I’m scared, shall we go back?” Zhao Ru was waiting for someone.

  ”I haven’t eaten properly yet, you go back first.”

  Zhao Ru looked like someone who’d get afraid of their own shadow. The woman beside her who was alone, at once talked to her and they both went upstairs together.

  Within a few minutes, Mr. House stood up and as if dealing with an official business, said the lines: “Children, it’s late, you should rest early. I’ll come see you again tomorrow.” After that, he pushed open the door and his figure disappeared into the mist.

  ”Let’s go upstairs.”

  Chen Caixing started estimating the time in his heart and hurried with Yuan Jiuwan. Wang Xiaoxiao followed and whispered quickly: “This morning the one called Zhao lingered at the wax figure near the back window for a long time. I heard them saying ‘blocked’, ‘door’ and ‘basement’.”

  ”The broken clock in the kitchen stops at 9:40 in the evening. It should be the time when the NPC leaves.” Chen Caixing’s clues weren’t finished, he strongly warned: “Don’t get close to the walnut tree in the backyard.”

  After exchanging the clues, the three entered the bathroom, washed quickly and rushed back to their rooms, the entire process taking no more than five minutes.

  ”Xiao Jiu, do you smell anything? A fragrant——” The smell got stronger as Chen Caixing got closer to the bed, not a strong scent, very light. He smelled it last night, but couldn’t remember it.

  Yuan Jiuwan, who was taking off his coat, glanced nervously at the bottom of the bed. He waited for Chen Caixing to turn around and look at him, then wrinkled his chubby, handsome baby face and sniffed around with his nose, distressingly saying: “Gege, I can’t smell it.”

  He looked like he was trying his best but still couldn’t help his gege, like a pitiful little puppy.

  ”It’s okay, maybe I smelled it wrong.” Chen Caixing pinched his xiaodi‘s cheek, so soft and chubby. “Okay, go to sleep.”

  Yuan Jiuwan obediently climbed into the bed. Chen Caixing slept on the outside, his nose still filled with the scent——

  “I remember this smell!”

   Yuan Jiuwan let out an ‘ah!’ in surprise.

  ”It’s the smell of a wax figure, but much lighter compared to those downstairs.” Chen Caixing was relieved after understanding clearly. It’s normal for wax museums to have this smell. “Okay, you go to sleep.” He wanted to wait for the ‘dong, dong’ sound.

  Estimated time.

  After more than ten minutes, ‘Dong’, ‘Dong’, ‘Dong’ sounded.

  Because the wax museum was too quiet, the small sound was quite obvious. The sound seemed dull, as if making its way from the underground——

  Chen Caixing thought of the basement that Wang Xiaoxiao mentioned.

  Then the sound immediately became loud and clear, very crisp, giving off a rhythmic feel, starting to go up the stairs.

  ”Gege, I’m scared.”

  Yuan Jiuwan whispered, his small body slowly moved into Chen Caixing’s arms.

  A little child being afraid of ghosts was normal, Chen Caixing just hugged his xiaodi. The thing that made the ‘Dong’ sound came up, at the same time, the lights in the room suddenly went out.

  Chen Caixing: …

  Too scary..

  Fortunately, he had a xiaodi in his arms.

Translator’s Notes:

Chen Caixing: What’s that smell?
Yuan Jiuwan: *sweats*

Thank you everyone for all your support and wishes! If that thing had disheartened me, then your support healed my heart! I’ll do my best to live up to your support and bring you good quality translations henceforth.

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Random: I played this game with my cousin called ‘Nobodies’ which seems like a play on words cause there’ll be ‘no bodies’ found once you are done. So in one mission, the guy makes us turn the body into the caveman wax exhibit in the museum..

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