Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 3

Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 3

Chapter Three:
Dage and his Elementary School Student Xiaodi (3)

  The game is simple and cruel, rightfully called the supernatural game.

  Monkey said it was simple, after clearing the game, there will be gold coins and various kinds of props as rewards. Gold coins can be exchanged for real world money, the exchange rate was still very attractive. He wasn’t finished yet, both the violent man and the weak crying woman got excited.

  Whether it was ‘going home early’ or ‘gold exchange’, it was like a veteran throwing carrots at a novice.

  Wang Xiaoxiao was originally alert against the veterans, but now she also started believing in them for arranging the plans.

  No matter how generous the rewards are, the premise was to get out, Chen Caixing thought to himself, but there was no rebuttal on his face.

  The four veterans stood tall with Jin ge and Monkey in front and two with surnames Zhao and Wang holding the rear.

  ”…Supernatural games generally have traces to follow, there will usually be a murder beforehand. Where do people go when they die, become ghosts right? Haven’t you played those mystery games before? For now, we know that the owner of the wax museum is Mr. House, you can follow this point to find other clues. The whole house must be thoroughly searched and you must look for every detail.” Monkey’s words hinted at some hidden meanings.

  Chen Caixing heard the hint and asked directly: “Do you mean the third floor?”

  Monkey: “It’s better to look it up.”

  ”But yesterday the NPC forbade us from going to the third floor, those who didn’t obey and left their rooms after midnight are already dead.” Wang Xiaoxiao looked at Monkey with a questioning gaze.

  Monkey replied with sloppy eyes: “The NPC’s words are mixed with truths and lies, you can’t believe them completely. The clue is quite possibly on the third floor.”

  There were still dead bodies on the second floor and no one had forgotten how those two died——they didn’t listen to the NPC and left their rooms after midnight. The enthusiasm that had surged due to the carrot hung by the veterans instantly went cold. The newcomers recovered some reason while the violent man directly scolded: “You fucking veterans, want to harm Laozi? Laozi will kill you all first!”

  Monkey looked at Jin ge.

  ”Boy, I won’t tell you the clues of this round. If it weren’t for us leading the way, we would have now been looking at your dead body.” Jin ge didn’t care about the violent man but spoke to Chen Caixing instead, threatening him with a deep gaze.

  Chen Caixing:?

  ”Look, Jin ge got angry! You newcomers are too ignorant. Without our guidance, you will die sooner or later. If you believe in us, you will follow us. If you don’t believe, you can toss it off. It’s good if you can take this opportunity, but you can only choose once. If you choose wrong, don’t think we will save you in the future.” Monkey finished his words and sighed. With an ‘I’m all for your good’ expression, he tried to persuade them: “If you don’t want to go to the third floor, we won’t force it. For all the fuss you made, killing companions in the game will be fined with props.”

  The violent man’s female partner was the first to raise her hand: “I believe in you.”

  ”I, I believe too.” Zhao Ru said softly.

  Even the violent man who had just lost his temper, nodded and joined the veteran team.

  ”Xiaoxiao, can’t you just come?” Zhao Ru looked at Wang Xiaoxiao and persuaded in a soft voice: “There are many people here, and Jin ge also said they won’t force us, we can find the clues and go home early. “

  ’Go home early’ touched Wang Xiaoxiao’s heart. Although Wang Xiaoxiao feels that these veterans are up to no good, in a world full of ghosts, there was always a sense of security in places with many people.

  ”I’m sorry..” Wang Xiaoxiao whispered.

  Chen Caixing nodded to express his understanding.

  The monkey laughed a little, “There is still an elementary school student here. Xiaodi, how do you want to——

  ”Gege and I are together.” Perhaps afraid that words are not enough, Yuan Jiuwan hugged Chen Caixing’s thigh.

  Chen Caixing looked at the elementary school student xiaodi hanging on his thigh: very good, good enough to show off!

  ”Hahaha, okay okay, as you please.” Monkey laughed with ridicule, but after laughing, turned his head to appease: “Jin ge, don’t get angry, these two weak chickens will certainly not survive tonight.”

  Betting right in front of Chen Caixing’s face, he made it clear that all these people did not take Chen Caixing and Yuan Jiuwan seriously. A slender and beautiful young man, plus an elementary school student dragging his hind legs, this kind of combination in a supernatural game is synonymous with ‘early death’ and ‘waste’.

  Chen Caixing didn’t plan to entangle with them. He patted the head of the little guy attached to his thighs, with the intention of leaving. Yuan Jiuwan followed him, obediently holding Chen Caixing’s hand. While the two left the living room, Yuan Jiuwan silently turned around, the originally adorable and pitiful face was calm, cold gaze resting on Monkey’s body.

  The monkey shivered inexplicably.

  The wax museum is not small, under the command of the veterans, a team of eight started to search the area. Chen Caixing looked at the outside window instead. Yesterday, the uncle’s corpse disappeared. The veterans came down early and the floor-to-ceiling windows were so large, they should have already noticed something, but none of them said anything. They didn’t seem to be surprised that the body disappeared.

  Chen Caixing had an intuition and wanted to find out where the body had disappeared to.

  ”Gege? Do you want to go out and see?” Yuan Jiuwan followed Chen Caixing’s gaze towards the outside window and asked tilting his head adorably.

  Chen Caixing looked at the childish and adorable face that was full of trust in him and, for some reason, felt proud of being the boss. Then he fell silent thinking, being the boss of an elementary school kid was a bit too chuuni..

  ”Jin ge, those two went out.” The monkey reported.

  ”Wait for a while, we’ll go out if they don’t die.” Jin ge replied. The surnamed Zhao next to him said: “Still need to go to the third floor.”

  ”Tomorrow, make the newcomers go up to try.”

  Outside the museum was a lawn, with a fence blotched with white paint. A thick white fog surrounded the fence on the outside which made people instinctively feel danger. Anyway, Chen Caixing felt that he couldn’t approach the dense fog, but there was no problem with taking actions within this range.

  The building stood alone, isolated from the surroundings. The lawn had dried up due to being neglected, presumably it was autumn.

  There was a narrow path leading to the back of the building. Chen Caixing started walking towards it but felt his hand being gripped tightly. Looking down, he saw his xiaodi with an extremely nervous look on his face. Obviously only an elementary school kid, but still stood up for him to form a team. Well, since he had taken up the lead, he should fulfill his responsibility diligently.


  ”En.” Yuan Jiuwan’s chubby face nodded, looking up, he said in a cute manner: “But while holding gege‘s hand, I’m not afraid.”

  What an absolutely adorable little guy! Look at these completely sincere and trusting eyes! Listen to this rainbow——cough cough.

  ”Good.” Chen Caixing touched the xiaodi‘s head.

  This furry head was also cute.

  However, after entering the backyard, Chen Caixing’s mood turned heavy. There was a walnut tree located in the corner with lush foliage. Chen Caixing knew it was a walnut tree because of the fruits growing on its branches. The uncle’s body that had disappeared was also hanging on the branches along with them.

  ”…There seems to be a grave under the tree.”

  Chen Caixing stepped forward to look carefully.

  ”Gege, I’m scared, don’t go..”

  Yuan Jiuwan suddenly called out and hugged Chen Caixing’s leg.

  Chen Caixing at once trembled, finding his reason, he found himself standing right at the edge of a branch. Unaware whether it was an illusion or not, it felt as if the nearest branches had shrank away from him.

  Furthermore, instead of the uncle’s body being hung by a rope, it were the branches holding it tightly by the neck.

  Something was up with this tree.

  Chen Caixing dared not stay any longer, “Let’s go back.”

  There was a quarrel happening in the first floor living room.

  ”…Wuwuwu it wasn’t me, really wasn’t me! I didn’t push you.” Zhao Ru argued tearfully.

  The violent man’s expression was ashen: “Fuck your mom! If not you, then who?! It was you just behind me, you fucking dared to push me…”

  ”Stop fighting, anyway it’s broken, maybe it won’t matter.” Monkey tried to smooth things over, but dodged his eyes.

  Chen Caixing noticed a corpse broken into pieces, lying on the ground surrounded by these people. With a closer look, he identified it as one of the wax figures used for decorations. It looked quite realistic to begin with. But now that it was broken, there were actual human bones inside. 

  The wax figure was made using real people.

  The living room contained at least forty to fifty wax figures, each one quite lifelike. When they were surrounded by these figures, they could still convince themselves that these were all fake. Now——Chen Caixing looked at the bones that could only be human and his heart was bursting with profanity.

  Looking at the wax figures surrounding them, the mood turned gloomy.

  ”It shouldn’t matter, even if it’s broken, it shouldn’t matter, right? It’s all dead anyway, it shouldn’t matter. I didn’t break it, someone pushed me and it broke down by accident..” The violent man asked the veterans imploringly.

  Monkey responded halfheartedly while Chen Caixing noticed the other three veterans’ gaze on the violent man was as if they were looking at a dead man.

  Even the violent man noticed this and his mentality collapsed, and he started swearing. He even wanted to beat Zhao Ru up with his fists. If it weren’t for her pushing him, there was no way he would have hit this wax figure.

  ”Sl*ts! Fucking b*tches! Even if I die, I’ll bring you down with me!”

  Blue veins erupted on the violent man’s body. Grabbing Zhao Ru’s neck with one hand, he started screaming crazily, but a terrifying scene appeared. Just when Zhao Ru started crying for help, the man’s facial features suddenly cracked.

  The body broke into pieces beyond recognition.

  It all happened in an instant.

  Everyone had yet to react, but the crazily screaming violent man had already turned into a lump of meat.

  Blood flowed out.

  Chen Caixing took a few steps back to protect his xiaodi.

  The entire living room fell into a strange quiet.

  Zhao Ru panted as she covered her neck. Looking back at the original place, her gaze turned sluggish: “D-dead?”

  ”Apparently, breaking the wax figure triggers a death condition.” The veteran surnamed Zhao commented indifferently.

  Zhao Ru didn’t dare to look at the broken body parts on the ground. The man’s head was still intact, his wide ruthless eyes before death were still glaring at her. She stuttered with fear: ” W-what about the d-dead body? Leave it? Or s-should we bury him?

  ”The game will handle the corpse, or do you want to bury it yourself?” Monkey said.

  No wonder these veterans kept silent when the body at the outside window disappeared, it was originally the game who handled it. But Chen Caixing always felt this was a clue.

  Zhao Ru was scared stupid, she certainly didn’t dare to bury the corpse herself.

  ”Really, I didn’t push, I really didn’t push him.”

  ”People are already dead, saying this is fucking useless.” Jin ge was impatient, he swept his eyes on those still alive and frowned without concealing his discrimination: “Fuck, there are only women left.”

  Wang Xiaoxiao was angry but didn’t dare to talk back.


  The living room door opened.

  Everyone was startled, they turned around to watch the arrived NPC Mr. House who had shown up yesterday.

  The other party saw the flesh and blood of the mangled corpse on the ground, his tone still relaxed: “You are truly naughty, dirtying the floor. I will have to clean it all up. Children, it’s time for lunch, you can go to the dining room to eat. You don’t need to worry about this, alas, all the blood has been wasted on the floor…”

  Listening to the NPC’s words, Chen Caixing always felt that the other party was trying to cover up a kind of delight. The kind of ‘it was enough for you to come, but you even brought me souvenirs, now I feel embarrassed’ excitement where the mouth says no but the body is honest.

  House liked the flesh and blood of the violent man very much.

  In the presence of everyone, Mr. House loaded the dead body parts into an iron bucket and carried it out of the door.

  Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Chen Caixing saw House go towards the backyard.

  His thoughts instantly turned to the tree with the hanging body.

  Without anyone noticing, the dining room table was full of lunch. It was different from the hard bread made from coarse grains that could make people tremble with every bite or the unsavory milk that had a fishy smell. The lunch was unexpectedly quite rich.

  Quite western.

  Pasta, steak, seafood, risotto, and creamy mushroom soup.

  There were a lot of kinds, even the bread before was replaced with a soft, milky savory bun.

  ”This game’s lunch can get so luxurious?” Chen Caixing felt that according to the level of this morning’s breakfast, the game would not be so friendly to them. At once looking at the veterans’ frowns and them not immediately starting to eat was enough to tell him that he wasn’t alone.

  This sumptuous lunch did not match the style of the game.

  Chen Caixing drew a conclusion from the expression of the veterans.

  He hadn’t taken even a few bites of bread this morning. To be honest, smelling the aroma of this feast really made him hungry, but he was still unsure if he should eat it or not. Everyone beside him also did not move, waiting for the veterans to take action first.

  The veterans did not move either.

  ”Gege, this bread is so tasty!” Yuan Jiuwan’s little white hands held a bun, and he took a bite. After eating this tasty food, he turned his head and cheerfully called: “Gege, you eat it too. You didn’t eat anything this morning, you must be hungry.”

  Chen Caixing almost lost his mind: “!!! When did you pick it up? Do you feel uncomfortable? Don’t eat it so fast!” This xiaodi‘s hands are too fast!

  ”What happened?” Yuan Jiuwan tilted his head, not understanding. But he obediently stopped chewing the bread, still had some of it in his mouth, making his cheeks bulge, looked a little cute.

  After seeing that everything was fine, Chen Caixing took a bite, the bread was indeed tasty, and he was hungry.

  ”Eat it.”

  Nibbling on the bread, Chen Caixing thought of the violent man who was still scolding him during breakfast, but now that person was dead.

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