Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 2

Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 2

Chapter Two:
Gege, I’ll protect you! (2)

  The real world was under winter and Chen Caixing also wore loose clothes. His whole spirit was wound up tightly as soon as he arrived at the wax museum, which was why he never noticed anything wrong with his body. Besides, the beer belly gave no sense of inconvenience. It was seamless——

  Chen Caixing was shocked by how seamless it was!

  ”Did this game world change my body?” Chen Caixing refused to give up. Thinking of his 4-pack abs that he worked half an year for, he still persisted asking: “Xiao Jiu, is there any difference between you here and you outside?” Fearing that the child didn’t understand, Chen Caixing walked up to the bedside holding chestnuts: “You are tall and handsome outside, are you short and fat here?”

  Yuan Jiuwan obediently sat on the bed and shook his head: “Gege, I don’t know, I didn’t look in the mirror.”

  That’s right, everyone appeared in the living room in this world. Chen Caixing felt his IQ dropping because of this beer belly. He looked at the child sitting on the bed and insisted: “You are very cool and handsome now, don’t worry.”

  The four abdominal muscles unified into a round flab, this had become an established fact which couldn’t be changed even if he remained entangled with it. Chen Caixing laid on the bed in a state of loss. But because of this, the fear of the horror world was forgotten.

  Anyway, the question mark that filled the head was temporarily gone, can’t do anything, better to sleep early.

  ”Xiao Jiu, you sleep on the inside.” Chen Caixing lied on the bed with his sweater.

  ”Ok gege.” Yuan Jiuwan moved obediently.

  The lights in the room were dim and Chen Caixing had worked overtime continuously for a week; when he got here, his spirit was tense, so now he was sleepy as soon as he lied in bed. He was confused hearing the rustling sound inside the room, but too sleepy to open his eyes: “Xiao Jiu, go to sleep.”

  The rustling immediately stopped.

  “I know, gege.”

  Don’t know whether or not it was because he was only half conscious, Chen Caixing felt that the child’s voice was faint and cold, unlike the soft and glutinous one before. He turned over. The quilt had been useless for a long time. It had a damp smell, without any warming effect, the more he tried to sleep, the colder he felt. He was very sleepy but not very comfortable.

  After a while, a little body leaned over from behind him, his white face pressed against Chen Caixing’s back, using his nose to smell Chen Caixing’s smell. An arm passed through the quilt, with the hand resting on Chen Caixing’s beer belly.

  With the heat source, the mild moldy smell of the quilt also turned into a faint fragrance.

  A familiar smell.

  Chen Caixing thought, before falling asleep.

  ”Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao, are you asleep? I want to go to the toilet…”

  Zhao Ru asked her companion with a trembling voice. She was very scared and she easily got the urge to pee every time she got nervous. The room in the wax museum only had a bed, and the bathroom was at the end of the hallway on the second floor. Zhao Ru was afraid to go alone, but she couldn’t hold back anymore, “Xiaoxiao, can you go with me?”

  ”No.” Wang Xiaoxiao got up and refused, getting out of the bed and she found a vase and handed it to Zhao Ru: “Use this for the time being.”

  Although both are girls, Zhao Ru felt embarrassed, “No, that’s not good..”

  ”It’s not me who needs it, anyway, I won’t go with you to the toilet.”

  Zhao Ru looked aggrieved, if she was with a man, she would have coquettishly asked and he would have definitely accompanied her.

  ”Do you remember what that handsome guy said to you in the hallway? Don’t go out after midnight.” Wang Xiaoxiao was courageous in reality, and quite like a tomboy since childhood, but she was still afraid when she arrived at this place. She said: “That one NPC also reminded us, you can go if you’re not afraid of death.”

  Soon the sound of water rang in the room. In the end, Zhao Ru couldn’t hold back. She went to bed quickly after she finished, but still felt unhappy and angry.

  ”Going out doesn’t have to end in death, maybe it’s just to scare us.”

  ”What was that guy even thinking, staying with an elementary school kid…”

  Zhao Ru complained while turning over to sleep, saying Wang Xiaoxiao was unreasonable. If it weren’t for there being no other girls to team up with, Zhao Ru wouldn’t have put up with her.

  ‘Dong, Dong, Dong!’

  The sound seemed to come from a distance, with a sense of rhythm, it was strange, loud and clear, quite depressing.

  ”Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao, did you hear the sound?” Zhao Ru couldn’t sleep but hid herself inside the quilt, with only a pair of eyes visible, staring at the corner of the room, afraid something strange might pop out any moment.

  The sound became more and more clear as it came closer. 

  Wang Xiaoxiao’s face was pale and she obviously heard it too. She wrapped her quilt and closed her eyes: “Hurry to sleep and don’t listen.”

  ”I- I can’t sleep.” Zhao Ru covered her ears but it was useless. The sound reverberated from all directions, getting near, pouring into her mind, making her tremble even more violently.

  ‘Dong, Dong—’

  When the sound stopped at their door, the lamps that were lit above the bedhead went out in a flash. Zhao Ru was unable to suppress herself, letting out a short scream.

  Someone screamed. Chen Caixing woke up from his dream with a start, the room dark, with lights inexplicably turned off. In the darkness, Chen Caixing touched something hard and cold, but before he could react, he heard Yuan Jiuwan’s voice from the inner side.

  ”Gege, what happened?”

  Maybe because he just woke up, the child’s voice is a bit vague and soft. Chen Caixing didn’t reply, his hands moved and the feeling of the cold hard tentacle changed to cold and soft, just like Yuan Jiuwan’s arm.

  He might have made a mistake due to just waking up, the touch just now was like another bad association. Chen Caixing felt relieved.

  ”It’s okay, are you cold? Why are your arms so cold?”

  ”…It’s so cold.” Yuan Jiuwan’s pitiful voice came, “Gege, can you hold me?”

  There are no scruples between men, moreover Yuan Jiuwan was still a child. Chen Caixing made him come over. The child’s body was ice cold but just a few moments later, it warmed up.

  With this break, plus the whole house being quiet without any strange screaming, Chen Caixing forgot about the female scream for help when he had just woken up.

  The next day, early morning..

  Chen Caixing got up to wash, and found several people blocking the bathroom door.

  ”…Who died?”

  ”It looks like Xiao Ling and her roommate.”

  ”Two dead?” Monkey stared blankly at Jin ge.

  Jin ge‘s face was also a bit ugly and he turned away.

  Chen Caixing found about the two deaths just a moment ago. There were two girls standing at the door, with long and short hair. The long haired girl was the one who invited him to form a team last night. “Last-last night, I heard a ‘dong dong dong’ sound which stop-stopped at our-our door…”

  ”Let me say it.” Wang Xiaoxiao interrupted Zhao Ru’s incoherent sentences and explained what happened last night. “… We thought we would have died for sure, who knew the rumbling sound went away after a while. What the hell was that sound anyway?”

  Jin ge glanced at them, “You are lucky, someone blocked it for you.”

  ”These newcomers were very courageous to come to the toilet before morning.” Monkey explained appropriately, “So you newcomers must listen to us and don’t mess up.”

  After seeing the body, the four veterans left indifferently.

  Zhao Ru was so afraid, her legs turned soft and she had to be supported by Wang Xiaoxiao. When passing Chen Caixing, Wang Xiaoxiao thanked him. If it weren’t for this man’s reminder to Zhao Ru that she heard, she would have never known as she was completely lost wondering where she was and how to go back at the time in front of the NPC and hadn’t paid any attention to what was said.

  Chen Caixing unknowingly received a thank-you card, but he was more focused on the bathroom.

  The smell of blood was too strong, even when standing at the door.

  The structure of the washroom area was simple and clear at a glance. The inside was a toilet divided into lattices, while outside had a row of wash basins. The man’s body laid on the washbasin in the back with the blood dripping to the ground. The first compartment door on the inside was wide open revealing only a single pale slender arm.

  The blood on the ground has coagulated.

  The deceased were a pair of a man and a woman, covered in flesh and blood with no intact skin in sight. This was a pair of newcomers who formed a temporary team last night. The woman seemed to go to the toilet while the man waited outside, when both were killed.

  The body was left intact in the bathroom.

  Whether other people washed or not, Chen Caixing had no idea, he didn’t go to the toilet but instead tried to rinse his mouth and wash his face at the fastest speed in the outermost wash basin, this kind of environment was too nerve-wracking.


  Chen Caixing was taken aback by the sudden sound, seeing it was Yuan Jiuwan, he was relieved and immediately blocked the sight of the child, the situation inside was too cruel. “Hurry up and wash, we’ll go downstairs.”

  Yuan Jiuwan obediently listened to Chen Caixing and was not at all curious to see what was going on. He tiptoed and washed his face and hands.

  Then the two went downstairs together.

  Thirteen people, except for the uncle who died as soon as he came in, two more people died last night, now only ten remain.

  There was breakfast on the dining room table. The four veterans sat down to eat leisurely, but the others had no appetite. Especially after seeing the dead bodies in the bathroom, their faces were pale with panicked expressions as if they would collapse any moment.

  Chen Caixing didn’t have any appetite either but he knew that if he wanted to survive, he can’t fall apart so soon.

  Breakfast was simple milk and bread. The bread was made from coarse grains and a little dry. Chen Caixing took a sip of milk and tried to swallow, but the milk had a fishy smell, making him a little nauseous and let out a vomiting sound. Or maybe it was seeing the dead body that made him nauseous.

  ”What are you vomiting for?! Disgusting! Do you want us to eat like this?!” A newcomer man suddenly got violent.

  Chen Caixing apologized while covering his mouth: “Sorry, I’m a little uncomfortable.”

  In these circumstances, people’s spirits are tied to a high-voltage power line and even a little thing can cause them to blow up. That guy also had a bad temper and tried to vent his anger on Chen Caixing for some reason. The female companion next to him persuaded him with a few words and he finally threw the bread away and vented his anger on the milk glass, spilling the milk on the table.

  Chen Caixing had completely lost his appetite.

  The four veterans at the table acted as if they didn’t see anything, they ate and went to the living room. The violent man also left.

  ”Gege, I hate him.”

  Chen Caixing turned his head, watching Yuan Jiuwan puffing his cheeks as he childishly glared at the man’s leaving back. When he saw him watching, his low soft and glutinous voice sounded: “He bullied gege, he is a bad guy!”

  ”Doesn’t matter much. But I don’t like him either.” Chen Caixing patted the child’s head. The bad mood from the morning turned slightly better. This type of soft, adorable and obedient elementary school student who also knows how to protect people is still pretty cute!

  After a while.

  Monkey came over and said: “A few of you newcomers get over here, I have some tasks for you.”

  Chen Caixing nodded without refusing while eating dry bread. He didn’t know much about the world and still needed to lean on these veterans to pass this novice world, but it’s better to be cautious.

  ”…..I just heard that Jin ge saying ‘Two of them died, the NPC’s words should be trustworthy.’ I think these veterans want to use us to experiment. You must be careful.” The one to speak was a short haired younger sister who seemed a bit more courageous.

  Chen Caixing nodded: “Thanks, my name is Chen Caixing.”

  ”Wang Xiaoxiao.” Wang Xiaoxiao wanted to show her good side and pull a teammate. There was another newcomer couple, but the man had bad temper with no ability but still wanting to show off while the woman kept kissing up to him, only knowing to rely on the man. Then there were veterans and as for Zhao Ru, she was way too timid. Wang Xiaoxiao needed a new partner.

  Chen Caixing also heard Wang Xiaoxiao’s idea and did not object to teaming with her. Just when he had just finished talking, he found Yuan Jiuwan quietly approaching him and tugging at his hand nervously.


  ”Gege, I am also very powerful. I will protect you!” Yuan Jiuwan said with a firm chest.

  Chen Caixing looked at the little child who barely reached his waist. Thinking about it, he knew that the child was afraid that he would team up with Wang Xiaoxiao and then abandon him. Seeming to coax the child, he said, “Yes, Xiao Jiu is so powerful! Your gege‘s safety depends on you.”

  This elementary school student is too cute!

  Living room.

  Jin ge issued the task: “Today we will walk around the wax museum while looking for any suspicious clues——”

  ”Isn’t it enough to wait for seven days to go back?” Wang Xiaoxiao asked.

  Jin ge looked flatly at Wang Xiaoxiao and said, “You don’t want to go back early but others do.”

  ”Can we still go home early?”

  ”That’s great!”

  Zhao Ru and the other female newcomer, who were previously depressed and anxious, stood up happily. Wang Xiaoxiao also didn’t expect this and was in a daze. Chen Caixing glanced at Jin ge, to be honest, he didn’t believe these so called veterans were capable enough to send them back early.

  ”What’s going on in this game world?” Chen Caixing looked at Jin ge. “Since we are looking for clues, we should know something about the game.”

  Jin ge didn’t speak, just looked at Monkey.

  Monkey sighed helplessly, “You newcomers are too vigilant. Jin ge is saying it for your own good. Forgot to tell you, this is a game world right? Since this is a game, there will also be rewards for passing. As long as we find clues early and hand out the answer early, we will not only be able to return to the real world early, but also get gold coins and props. Gold coins can be exchanged for real money, one gold coin is 10,000 yuan. So you must be obedient and look for clues…”

The author has something to say:
Elementary school student Yuan Jiuwan: Gege, I will protect you
Chen Caixing:? ? ? Who’ll protect who?

Bigshot Yuan Jiuwan: Gege-
Chen Caixing: Stop talking and protect me! So terrible! Muah!

Translator’s Notes:

I’m tired of typing ‘elementary school student’ every time CCX refers to YJW, so except for when it is used to show how young he is, I’ll be using ‘child’ instead.

Look at Yuan Jiuwan eating all the tofu, you’ll definitely pay for everything you’re doing huehuehuehue


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