Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 1

Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game Chapter 1

Chapter One:
First World (1)

  Layers of black haze engulfed the surroundings of the abandoned town.

  In the run-down wax museum, a light was on, on the first floor.

  ”… Children, there is bad news. It will take a week for your car components to be transferred from the city. Hopefully, it won’t delay your graduation trip. You can live in my wax museum this week while waiting for the parts. When they arrive, I will help you repair the car and send you away to continue your journey.”

  ”There are guest rooms on the second floor, and there is food in the kitchen on the first floor. You can also make your own. By the way, don’t go out after midnight, and don’t enter the locked room on the third floor. Good night, children.”

 The one who spoke is a middle-aged white man with brown hair, pale skin, and deep cheeks. When he spoke, he stared at a group of people in the living room, friendly words coming from his mouth, but his tone seemed as if he was itching to slaughter them.

  Did not feel even half a bit friendly.

  After murkily speaking the fixed set of lines, Mr. House, who claimed to be the owner of the wax museum, left the museum.

  The thick black mist outside the house quickly engulfed Mr. House’s back, which disappeared in front of everyone.

  With a bang, the door was closed by the wind.

 The people in the living room woke up with a start and slowly, echoes of crying voices started to rise up as the girls shivered in groups. Routine blasts and grumpy words such as ‘kidnapping’, ‘shooting a show’, ‘prank’, and ‘want to go home’ happened an hour ago. One grumpy uncle rushed out of the wax museum wanting to go home.

  A minute later, the body hung outside the glass window on the first floor. The wind blew and the blood swayed.

  Now no one thinks this is a prank. Even if it was, it was a fatal one.

  ”So noisy, boo fucking hoo!” On the sofa, Jin ge scolded and said impatiently: “Monkey, you tell this group of waste.”

  Monkey is a skinny young man with a harmless smile hung on his face, explaining: “Oh, didn’t the owner of the wax museum, that is, the NPC just say, we are a group of students who just graduated from high school on a tour by ourselves. The car broke down here and the parts need to be replaced. It will take seven days to change the parts. The game conditions are very clear, everyone should not be nervous. There’s food in the kitchen, let’s take this as a vacation and live carefully for seven days before we can go back.”

  ”Really, is it true?”

  ”It’s that simple? Then, can we survive without complying with the owner’s words?”

  Newcomers started asking questions one by one.

  Monkey smiled honestly: “Of course, this is one of the low and mid level game worlds, the difficulty will not be too great. And as for the one outside the window-he was too impulsive.” After a pause, he said to the group of newcomers: “Jin ge is a veteran of this game. As long as you follow his instructions, you will be fine.”

  The newcomers, who had just been stunned into a quail from fear, finally found a leader and started firing a hundred thousand whys at Monkey.

 Only two figures, one big and one small, stood quietly in the corner, not stepping forward.

  The bigger figure belonged to a young man, about 23-24 years old, with extraordinary looks. He had white skin, thin red lips, and a pair of slightly narrow and long eyes, which held a hint of allure but quite indifferent. His features, along with his stance, made him seem unapproachable. There was a little boy standing beside him. The little boy looked around the age of a 7 or 8 years old elementary school student. His short black hair had slight natural curls, his baby fat was sculpted like jade, deep eyes giving the feel of mixed-blood, extremely handsome and cute.

   At this moment, the little boy moved a little closer to the man’s arm.

  The man bowed his head, his indifferent eyes meeting the little boy’s kitten-like eyes.

  The little boy gave him a flattering and pitiful smile.

  Chen Caixing: …

  Forget it.

  Just next to each other, who let him provoke first.

  An hour ago, Chen Caixing had just finished working overtime and suddenly came to this wax museum during a traffic jam on his way home. The ground floor of the museum stretched over a large area, but the wax figures still occupied most of the place. They were life-sized and lifelike, no different from a real person. Surrounded by them made one’s blood run cold.

  One by one, others appeared around him, shattering the silence.

  Chen Caixing occupied an armchair in the living room, looking around calmly. He glanced at the little boy between the wax figures. At first, he thought it was another wax figure, but didn’t expect him to be a real person.

  Then the child stuck. At first, he was still one or two steps away from him. He stood obediently without speaking, just staring at him, seemingly scared. But this is also normal. Even an adult man would get confused after arriving in a strange place, let alone a child.

  When the body of the uncle, who was looking for a way out, hung outside the glass window, the blood ran across the glass. The crying crowd in the living room looked like chickens strangled by their necks as they fell into a strange quiet.

  Chen Caixing was also scared, not expecting someone to really die.

  It was also at that time that the little boy leaned over, as if drawing warmth.

  In the living room, the oldest person among the group was more than forty, while the youngest was around seven or eight years old. In this way, the NPC talked nonsense without changing his face, forcing them to be a group of high school graduates. Chen Caixing was suddenly said to be a few years younger and could only accept this identity.

  Otherwise… what else? Can’t even get out.

  ”… Jin ge, there are twelve people in all. Except for four of us, there are eight newcomers, four men and four women, including the one hanging outside the window. Oh, there is also a newcomer kid.” Sweeping his gaze over the little boy near the sofa, Monkey didn’t bother adding anything else.

  Jin ge: “Nine newcomers … Not much difficulty.”

  Other newcomers listened to the veteran’s words, and their tense nervous heart was slightly relaxed.

  ”It’s getting late, go to the second floor and rest early.” The middle-aged man next to Jin ge proposed.

  Jin ge: “OK.”

  The four veterans took the lead towards the second floor, the others huddled together to keep up. The lights on the staircase were broken while the residual light from the living room was still shining. The way up the staircase was getting darker and darker, like a monster’s mouth. A row of wax figures stood next to the handrails, facing the stairs, as if watching them walk to their death.

  Chen Caixing walked at the end with the little boy right at his heels. He stretched out his small hand cautiously, and carefully tugged at his sleeve from behind. Chen Caixing noticed that the child was trembling a little. Thinking of all the strange things here, he didn’t say much, just glanced back at the little boy.

  ”Gege.” The little boy showed a well-behaved and helpless expression.

  Even Chen Caixing, who doesn’t like children, couldn’t bring himself to be hard hearted at this moment. But he was also a novice. While he looked calm on arriving here, he was actually very confused and couldn’t guarantee anything.

  ”Follow you.” Chen Caixing turned around and walked upstairs.

  Chen Caixing didn’t see anything behind his back. The boy took Chen Caixing’s hand and trembled slightly, but not because of fear. His bright eyes showed his obvious good mood and the corner of his lips was slightly raised. He walked upstairs obediently, following Chen Caixing closely. Perceiving something, he slowly turned back, the original well-behaved and lovely expression becoming lifeless, as his gloomy eyes glanced down the stairs.

  Dark downstairs.

  No one noticed when the row of lifeless wax figures had come to life, their malicious eyes staring at the group walking upstairs. But suddenly meeting the boy’s gaze, there was a moment of stiffness, letting out a slight click, they lowered their heads somewhat fearfully.

  Chen Caixing’s footsteps paused, what was that sound just now?

  He looked back.

  ”Gege?” The little boy’s moist almond eyes glanced around, like a little squirrel, as he asked nervously: “What’s wrong, gege?”

  Chen Caixing: “Nothing, you walk ahead.”

  The stairs were very narrow and could only accommodate two people side by side. Chen Caixing asked the boy to walk with him. The little boy immediately showed a flattering smile and cleverly said, “Gege, you are so nice!”

  For the first time, Chen Caixing received a “nice person” card from an elementary school student. He just patted the little boy’s head without saying anything.

  Someone turned on the lights on the second floor. All of a sudden, the light turned bright and with the light, people seemed to have regained their confidence. The newcomers came out of their fearful state and recovered a little bit of reason. Some people suggested: “Shall we live together?”

  ”Jin ge, can I live with you?” A girl asked pitifully.

  ”Right, right, the more people, the more strength we will have.”

  Jin ge didn’t even look at the girl, picked a middle room and turned to the middle-aged man: “Zhao ge, we’ll take this one.”

  ”Wang ge, I’ll be with you.” Monkey said in a hurry, then smiled to the newcomers saying: “If many people squeeze in a single room, they won’t be able to sleep well and there’ll be no energy to check things tomorrow. Everyone, let’s go two-two per room, pay attention to safety and it won’t matter…..”

  The four veterans picked the rooms by two in one and quickly entered. The newcomers stood in the front of the empty rooms hesitating while some clever ones rushed to choose the rooms next to the veterans. Chen Caixing thought about the NPC’s warning of not going out after midnight. He glanced at his watch. The time remained unchanged and had stopped at 11:46.

  This was the time he got off work and was stuck on the road on his way home.

  Chen Caixing remembered clearly. It seems the time outside and inside the game are out of sync. He didn’t know what time it was and no longer delayed. He chose a nearby room and was about to enter when a girl standing outside the door pitifully said: “Hey, can I be with you?”

  The little boy at the door suddenly became tense, his watery eyes looking at Chen Caixing, but he didn’t ask for help.

  ”Sorry, we are enough.” Chen Caixing rejected the girl and patted the little boy standing at the door. “Come in.” He reminded the girl still standing in the hallway: “You should also return to the room as soon as possible and don’t go out at night.”

  There were eight newcomers still alive, four men and four women. The other two adult men had already formed a team. From the remaining, the seven or eight years old elementary school boy might die soon and gave no sense of security. The two girls naturally can’t look for the little boy to form a group. So the girl in the hallway had locked her eyes on Chen Caixing’s body.

  Even though the man looked somewhat beautiful, in the end, he was still a man. And she was really scared.

  Just didn’t expect her to be rejected.

  The girl bit her lip and was about to say something, but saw the little boy close the door. While closing the door, he glanced at her. That look made her shudder. When she looked closely, the door was closed tightly, as if the cold, lifeless expression was just an illusion.

  The room was covered with a dark yellow wallpaper with floral patterns. Even with the light on, the whole room gave off a stale atmosphere. At the corner of the window was a small 1.5m bed and, at the end of the bed, was a cabinet with two doors.

  Under these circumstances, a two-door cabinet always gave people some bad associations.

  As if something would crawl out of the cabinet once they fell asleep and get into their bed.

  Chen Caixing frowned and reached out to open the cabinet. There was nothing but some old clothes.

  ”Gege, what are you looking for?” The little boy asked, tilting his head behind Chen Caixing.

  Chen Caixing breathed a sigh of relief and said: “… nothing. Let’s go to bed early.” No way would he say that he was scared by his own brain’s pit!

  ”Oh.” The little boy nodded obediently and climbed up to one side of the bed.

  Chen Caixing rarely watched horror movies in reality, and the after-effects of the movie were too great. 2-3 days after watching, he would automatically make up the plot based on the horror elements in the movie. It’s just that, he can choose not to watch horror movies. But now, in this environment, he had no choice. There was also a child depending on him.

  What else could he do, naturally, had to take a stand like a man.

  Chen Caixing took off his jacket while thinking of the information provided by the NPC, chatting with the little boy: “What’s your name? How old are you…?”

  ”Gege, my name is Yuan Jiuwan and I’m seven years old, now in second grade…”

  After a few seconds, Chen Caixing still didn’t reply, with his back to the bed, he had frozen in place.

  ”Gege? Gege, what’s wrong with you?”

  Chen Caixing’s face was similar to someone who had just died, but even more unsightly. With one hand tightly holding the loose down jacket, he looked down at his stomach, unable to keep his eyes away for a long time.

  ”Sonofa- sunlight shone on the incense burner peak that produced purple haze, have you learned about it?”

  Thinking of the elementary school student in the room, Chen Caixing’s expression turned ugly and cleverly changed the swear words into a quiz, but his eyes never left his stomach. He wasn’t in the mood to answer Yuan Jiuwan. His other hand was trembling, like an old man with Parkinson’s disease, as he touched his stomach.


  ……it really bulged.

Why did his 4-pack abs that he worked half a year for, become a beer belly??

Translator’s Notes:

  • Most East Asian countries consider the ground floor to be the first floor. So technically, wax museum=ground floor, rooms=first floor, not allowed to go to the second floor. I’ll keep it as it is.

This is my first time translating a Chinese novel, so please look out for me and do let me know if there are any mistakes. Raw readers, if you find some inconsistencies, feel free to let me know.

The novel has both serious and hilarious aspects. As much as the name sounds whack, the novel itself is actually quite good! It starts out with a serious arc, followed by some hilarious ones, followed by a plot filled arc and then some serious ones, ending in semi serious+hilarious arc and extras.



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