BL Bookmarks

A list of every BL novel I have ever bookmarked regardless of quality, not necessarily read
(Titles through MTL)

This list is for personal use, made in order to find untranslated novels I have previously read or planned to read, quickly, using the little notes added under the links. I’ll make a more detailed ‘Reading List’ with appropriate tags and summaries or refine this list someday later. (WIP)

“Settings” >> “Find in page”:

  1. “Into a book” (Transmigration)
  2. “QT” (Quick Transmigration)
  3. “Unlimited Flow”
  4. “Entertainment Circle”
  5. “Interstellar”
  6. “Rebirth” for reborn MC
  7. “Reborn Gong x Transmigrated Shou”

The First Interstellar Gaming Stone Energy Master(?)
Color blind turned energy detector

Talk about the guy who walked into the book and chased me
Cultivation, mostly gong pov, shou is the transmigrator, into a book

Dao Zhang, Zhenshanhe! (Long road, conquer mountains and rivers???)
E-sports, holographic games

Interstellar Planter
Zombie apocalypse in the interstellar era(???), MC becomes a zombie and opens a clinic for zombies

Interstellar Super Doctor
Guide-sentinel with game system, probably transmigration but not into a book

Shuangtong bigshots take you to fly
System x System, shuang means double or pair, tong is the second character in the word ‘system’, QT

The Villains all fell in love with me after being reborn
MC=Ji Ling, interstellar, into a book and having to act but failed, almost harem but 1v1, not QT, can be considered rebirth since he’s doing it twice

Forbidden to talk about romance(?)

Villains become White Moonlight
The one where MC enters ML’s dreams to eat them, half entertainment circle-half QT, they don’t get together in the dreams but interact in real world

Anger Value Explosion
QT, don’t get it but probably act as a cannon fodder but passive skill caused him to outshine?

Once again, the Su will blow up (?)
QT, paranoid ML, the one with the ‘delivering plug-in to the male lead through a kiss’, the one with the dragon and key arc

The Male Lead is crazy
QT, The historical one where MC has to help ML become emperor using golden fingers that are actually pits, somewhat paranoid ML

Falling in Love in an Escape Game
It is tagged QT but looks like Unlimited Flow, MC is a white rabbit who entered the wolf’s (ML’s) den, the one where he turns blind in the first arc and ML treats him like a pet

I’ve become the wildest (shou?)
MC=Xu Jiu, QT, the one where he has to help ML reach the pinnacle of life, simplest MC

Canon fodder Zhu Ma worn by many people (?)
MC=Song Yu, ML=Xie Sui, the peppermint novel, into a book and acting but wrecked everything instead, Reborn Gong x Transmigrated Shou

Big Hit of Yin Yang Road
The one where MC thought he married one of the ghost soldiers of the underworld but it was actually the big boss, supernatural and metaphysics

Return of God of Quick Wear
The one where MC has to collect soul shards and defeat fake gods, the where MC interacts with ML in system space in soul form, the one with the guide!gong x sentinel!shou arc, QT

Did the affectionate male partner collapse today?
QT, From summary: “MC:I love you why don’t you love me, ML:Actually I also love you, MC shocked: actually I don’t really love you, ML blackens: so you were lying about loving me?”, haven’t read

Live Cooking in Horror Game
Unlimited Flow where MC eats all the ghosts

Can’t escape the Little Golden House
MC=Bai Xianyu, ML=Wen Xuli, white rabbit shou and blackened gong, the one with the painter, QT

Crash Boss in an Escape Game
Unlimited Flow, the one where MC almost got his foot amputated under ML’s hands who is a doctor in the research facility with monsters that come to life with water

Cat King System
QT, the one where MC always becomes a cat who transforms into a human

Reborn as the cat and dog of the Villain President
The one where MC realised they lived in a book and transformed into either cat or dog at 9 pm every night, could be considered into a book but also not, rebirth

I and the Film Emperor see the light die
Into a book, entertainment circle, the one where they read novels together and fall in love on the novel reading app and meet in the most stupidest way

Bend the blackened villain

White Moonlight Survival Record (?)

Raiders became God (?)
QT, iirc the one where he entered a heaven like space was forced to study or something under Gods of that field to become God himself, VERY short

I’m actually a Big Brother
Unlimited Flow, the one where MC is actually a keeper of one of the towns around the gate of underworld and enters the game to recruit new members for the town and ML is the king of the underworld

Crossing into the school grass’s ex-boyfriend
MC=Jing Ci, ML=Ying Jiao, Into a book, the one where ML knocked out the “protag” shou every time MC had a headache, receive previous life’s memories later, lots of feels

I’m Really a Cannon Fodder
QT, the one where MC is an employee in an institution where he has to enter the space in the role of a cannon fodder and teach the targets “valuable life lessons”

Days of saving lives near Erha
The one where MC enters into a book in the body of a thug who at the moment was about to injure a husky badly. Husky’s body has ML’s soul and MC’s head is full of pits, patient and blackened ML though he doesn’t do anything bad

Mary Su Reverse System
QT, Gong pov

Don’t be coquettish
the one where MC entered his own dogblood novel and almost formed a harem with a group of siblings, into a book

Love rival always wants to HE with me

I wore it back in the book after being reborn twice
Incomplete, probably into a book

Which wedding car did I get on?
Entertainment circle, the one where he thought he married a small internet cafe owner but it was actually the big boss of the largest entertainment company

We all have special sympathy for the male partner
MC=Yuan Zhan, ML=Yan Jingxi, into a book/game, the one where ML is a slag and regrets, the novel that made me hate the word Bai Yueguang aka white moonlight aka “protag”s actual name, the one where white moonlight had ten fiances

Dressed as the cannon fodder who married into the giants
MC=Yan Zhao, ML=Shen Yuanting, into a book, entertainment circle, the one where MC is a sand sculpture except when it comes to career and ML can tell what people are thinking, that stress relieving novel which can make me laugh, (picked up for translation)

In a face to face attack
Into a book, Jin Nan VS Fake Cinderella, the one that starts as a Boys over Flowers parody and ends into a psychopath support group, rich people

After bending the male lead of Mary Su text, I bent
The one where they both had a dream and found out that they lived in a novel world and filmed a BL movie to escape plot, the one where author praises their beauty to the sky every time they change clothes for a shoot, entertainment circle, into a book?

I was entangled by a rich old man
Rebirth where MC’s father never planned to give the company to MC cause MC was a double, so he went wild for a night, left the house, found that he was pregnant, made a deal with the baby’s father aka ML and married him, ML is not an old man, but he like birds A LOT, he even bought a farm with lot of animals and birds, mpreg

Marrying the former uncle
Into a book, no blood relation, almost no drama, the one where everyone automatically thought everything that went wrong was because of MC even though MC was innocent

After wearing, the villain president was reborn
Into a book, entertainment circle, the one where MC was a martial artist and can beat ML up and ML just wanted to be a salted fish for a while, the one where MC forced ML to wear old man clothes to teach him how to live frugally, Reborn Gong x Transmigrated Shou

The villain made me pregnant the night I wore the book
MC=Song Huai, ML= Li Chengxiao, the one where ML is a precious baby who needs love and MC keeps thinking of running away, mpreg obv

Interstellar Boyfriend
Into a book, Incomplete, the one with the nine tailed fox who went from the end of the world into interstellar book, ML similar to vegetable husband ML except he can’t control himself, for some reason I feel MC is their ancestor and the one whose tail let to their evolution

Marry the ex-boyfriend’s father
MC=Ji Lanchuan, ML=Qin Zheng, into a book, the one with metaphysics and fighting against heaven forcing the plot and solving ghost things, ML is actually ex-boyfriend’s uncle and only 10 years older than MC’s actual age

Become the favorite cat in the world
The one where MC is also the MC of the book they lived in and the transmigrator was jealous so he killed MC but heaven can’t allow that so MC came back as a cat and stole transmigrator’s resources as a cat, system similar to cat with red envelope where ML who is considered the villain of the book actually gives the most hearts(?), entertainment circle slightly

My hungry husband
MC=An Le, ML=Jiang Mingyu, the one where MC had an extremely Yin body and ML eats ghosts, so MC uses himself as a bait to feed ML and ML eats ghosts with seasonings, into a book(?)

After being put into a cannon fodder, I was spoiled by the richest man
MC=Ji Xi, ML=Gu Zian, into a book, the one where MC had a abusive family while ML had a bloodsucking family, MC’s mother sold MC to ML’s brother for 5 million and MC was rescued by ML when he escaped from the brother, ML is a precious baby pt2, Reborn Gong x Transmigrated Shou

Pregnant with the child of the rich film emperor
Into a book, entertainment circle, mpreg obv, the one where ML tries to push MC to the right path and give up on the unspoken rules by trying to entice him with a high paying job and money but MC thinks ML is being bossy and threatening him with his salary

Great at Acting, Now I’m Reborn
MC=Zhou Yuhe, ML=Xie Yifeng, rebirth, entertainment circle, the one where MC was especially good looking but a fire ruined his face and hands which was still cause by his then boyfriend who later betrayed him by marrying a rich girl, the one where MC was reborn to 15 years ago, ML loved him both before and after rebirth and before spent countless hours to help MC learn acting and explaining ML’s own movies and tidbits so that MC won’t be swallowed in his own grief

Don’t you come over!
Interstellar, in an otome game, both are characters, ML is a capture target while MC is a passerby NPC, extremely possessive territorial lion x stupidly cute silly white cat-like fantasy beast, awakened humans

Plug-in Distribution System
QT, typical ‘protagonist fell for the helper host instead of the FL’, author considers it to be into a book

I woke up and heard I was married
MC=Shao Si, ML=Gu Yanzhou, the one with the broken system who helped MC live a longer life using energy obtained after MC completes tasks of exposing the shady business around the targets in the entertainment circle, extremely salted fish MC, crime and related sad things

After the rebirth of cannon fodder from a giant’s love novel(?)
MC=Mo Di, interstellar probably, the one where MC’s family gives all their love to MC’s twin sister but neglect and abuse MC, rebirth

After I wore it back, I married the giants
Transmigration into a succubus but not into a book, and came back after living lawlessly, and continue to live lawlessly

Happy Doomsday
End of the world, the one where MC fell into a coma and woke up to the artificial intelligence revolting and was saved/helped by the strongest artificial intelligence aka ML, it’s quite long

Ancient Era, rebirth, MC was killed and got reborn and probably decided to live as a salted fish and was pampered by ML, drama

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