About Me

Welcome to Roon Tales~

Hello~ I am a fan translator trying to bring my fav novels to other people.

I am not a native speaker of any of the East Asian languages but I am very sensitive when it comes to them and in the process of learning. Translating is also a way for me to get more familiar with the languages.

I translate using both MTL as well as figuring out the meaning behind every character and grammar so that I don’t miss any key points. I am also blessed enough to receive the help of some amazing translators I know.

If I miss an update for a week, I’ll make up for it in the next week with double updates. It takes me about a day or two of continuous translating to finish a chapter.

Contact me to talk about the novels or giving me some suggestions regarding the translations or if you need novel recommendations in BL or just talk in general.

I don’t want to move my current or future translations to any other websites so please do not mention it.

Get in Touch

You can contact me through various means mentioned.

  • Discord: Roon#6264
  • The ChatBox on the site
    (no need to sign in)
  • Ko-Fi profile
  • The form on this page

Hope you have fun~

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